"My name isn't Styles; it's Beckett, Sam Beckett. In 1995 I created a secret government project called Quantum Leap. Now I won't bother explaining to you how it works, but the result is the ability to travel in time, to inhabit other people's life. And now I'm here. When I leap you see the person I've leaped into, but when I leap, it's my body that's here; it's my spirit."

"Welcome to my world."

"Revenge is mine thus sayeth the hologram."

"Well, if a pound of butter's all it takes, I got me a dairy farm..."

"That was a song for all you lovers out there, who've lost some love, and um here's another one."

"Do I know your girls? How did you girls get past security?"

"Sam? Who ya talkin to? Samantha? My name's Tyler, Jesse Tyler. Now I only sat down at the lunch counter cause I was hungry. I don't belong in no looney bin. No, is right. I don't think you should punish people cause they're hungry. I had money. Yes, sir. Now I know color matters to you, but it shouldn't. Cuz I had money."

"Where the hell have you been? I almost died in the electric chair...What are you talking about? I almost died in the electric chair. Where were you?"

"I've leaped into a diaper."

"Just tell me what to do Al. You know I hate going round and round like this."

"Finally something sexual he's not into."

"I could never rape or murder anybody."

"Where's the damn door?"

"I've changed history and I've killed Al!"

"Heroes are human too."

"We all live our lives behind masks, but the real point of living is to get beyond- to break through those masks, so that we can really communicate. Unfortunately most of us don't.

"It's okay, Dad. She can have Tom's room...You can have anything you want. You're my little sister."

"I'm sixteen, and I'm home. And my dad's alive."

"You know what this means? It's my turn to slip into the powder room like the invisible man. It's my turn!"

"Oh my God! You're brain's swiss cheesed!"

"Ziggy doesn't exist in the year you've leaped into. Because we switched places, I have to have the handlink, because the one- I'm the one in the imaging chamber. Oh my God! I'm home. I'm home, Al. Where's the door?"

"Actually today I'm doing the hair thing, but what is at exactly that you girls had in mind?"

"If I leap in to a murderer's life, then I, Sam Beckett- I'm not going to kill an innocent person; so there for I've accomplished what I'm here for, and I should leap, right?"

"Katie was raped, and in my heart, I believe that Kevin did it."

"It's never to late to start over, I just am not sure that I'm the person you should be starting over with."

"If we don't do something, he's going to end up killing her, and I don't want that on my conscience"

"Some people are scared of things that are different."